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Client Attracting Video Series

The Use of Emotional Response Marketing to Get People “Hooked” On Transforming Their Lives Through Your Products & Service ❣️

(No need for a previous knowledge, without investing in expensive gear, and the headache of overwhelming software)

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You'll be revealed, discovered and shown up with your unique influence to the fullest, so you'll be confidently on your way to fulfillment, and the financial freedom that your heart desires.

 Marketing Strategy

 Awesome video scripts that instantly resonate with your audience like no one else in your market. Unique emotional marketing that attract, engage and convert your ideal customers at every stage of the buying cycle.

Converting Videos 

Done With You - 7 Client Attracting Video series with the ease of just using your smartphone or laptop, without wasting time and money on stuff that doesn't work. You’re never gonna feel like you need to hide from the camera ever again.

What Our Students Say

Danielle Sarah Storch

Founder of FiT Yoga

No one is going to out care for you like these two. I felt scared of being on video, I wasn’t sure that I could do this, I wanted it so bad. I still signed up and when my fear gremlins were trying to stop me from going ahead with the program, and I was about to stop up myself, Naomi and Rami jumped in and they gave me so many ideas, they knew me, they understood me, they brainstorm with me. They really helped me really feel back into my purpose and the rest became easy.

Ellen Hill,

Founder of The silver lotus Wellness 

The content in this program, newly-acquired skill sets, and expertise that we've acquired are truly amazing. This is from the person who had never done an online video before . Naomi and Rami are particularly skilled at keeping us participants full engaged in the processes of learning, implementing, and providing a mutually-supportive community. Their presence, support, and connection throughout the course were timely, intentional, and consistently of the highest caliber.

Adi Yahav Britooe

Founder of Elderly Advocate Soul Care

Your 7 video magnet pop out on my screen, and I kept watching them and engaged by them and greatly appreciate them so I decided to reach out to you, you immediately responded and here our relationship connected for life. Thank to you I did it, any one I have send it to, loved it, the contribution of this class help me tremendously to bounce back to life, I was for the first time in my life in the lowest key of my life, your heart your soul, your professional skills, your knowledge all in.

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  • Position Yourself As An Expert

  • Helps you to position yourself with confidence as a unique authority in your market.
  • Build Your Confidence

  • Safe and supportive community helps you to get confident with videos, lives and technology.
  • Virtual Influence

  • Helps you to overcome fear of videos and public speaking so you can build your online presence and influence. 
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    Why Choose Us

    Rami & Naomi Bareket

    Unique Type of Training

    The ER-Marketing Method® (Emotional Response Marketing) use emotions to trigger the natural chemistry of motivation to get people “hooked” on transforming their lives through your products. It's based on deep emotional connection between you to your mission, purpose and passion, and between you to your audience and clients. 

    Premium Support

    We have extended relationships with our students so that we can offer them personalized support throughout their career. With our "No Student Left Behind" approach, our students feel valued, appreciated, supported, encouraged, nurtured and empowered to reach their full potential. This means the world to us!

    Turn Your Passion
    into a Career

    The 7vidMagnet Method™ is the fastest and easiest way to turn your passion and superpowers into a profitable work from home business. We’ll also help you to break free of subconscious patterns that holds you back, getting rid of limiting beliefs and habits that sabotage your success.

    High Touch Communication

    We offer exceptionally personal mentoring support. We are passionate about helping you to achieve your dreams. Our students and graduates are never an interruption of our work; they are the purpose of it. That’s why we enjoy giving you the time, dedication and attentiveness that you deserve.

    A Wide Spectrum Of Skills & Experience

    Naomi and Rami Bareket devised the ER-Marketing® method, a revolutionary marketing method. It's the result of many years of inter-disciplinary study, practicing and coaching based on Kabbalah wisdom, NLP, Time-Line Therapy®, Neuroscience, Hypnosis, Mindfulness, and Positive Psychology.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We value our clients so much, that we simply don't want them to have any product they don’t absolutely love. If we don’t deliver great courses, we don’t deserve the money. We strongly believe that our products worth its price. With our guarantee, you can be confident that you won’t be stuck with your purchase.



  • Discover the fastest and easiest way to turn what you love doing, your passion, and expertise into a profitable mission driven business.

  • Created specifically for coaches, consultants & service providers who want to stop wasting time and money on “programs” that are using old school methods, leave you overwhelmed and simply doesn’t work in today's new world.

  • Grow your business with videos that convert! 

  • Virtual Influencer™

    Unpack the three levels of being a virtual Influencer, and gain crystal clarity of who you are and what your Divine purpose and mission are, so you can navigate your life and business with passion, reach, touch an influence a lot more people around the world. 

    Awesome Script

    Master your content writing and gain copywriting secrets to create consistent captivating content, so you can make your audiences instantly connect, like and trust you, so that you will better able to engage, influence, and move your prospects into action.

    Video With Ease™

    Discover our simple, low-cost, low-tech & easy to implement method!

    Become confident and comfortable on camera. Shoot and edit your videos quickly and easily using your smartphone or computer.

    FREE 7 Video Series

    Do you tend to postpone doing things or not to finish tasks?

    At the following videos, I share with you 7 great tips on how to overcome your procrastination.

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    FTC DISCLAIMER: These results may not be typical and can’t be taken in any way as a guarantee of the results you would receive since your success depends on the quality of your offers and marketing. We don’t offer "get rich quick" solutions, and we can’t guarantee your success – only you can do that, through your commitment, hard work, consciousness and dedication. We will give our 100% support and you will have to give your 100% too.