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Change your mindset, eliminate distractions and reduce anxiety - so that you can avoid the daily emotional roller coaster and become more productive.

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Be more confident, motivated, and self-assured – so that you can constantly progress, achieve your goals and live the life you deserve.

Achieve Your Goals and Beyond

Develop and improve business skills – leadership, coaching, sales, communication, influence, and management - so that you can build your own successful business and help others too.

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You know how...

You tell yourself (perhaps for years) that you want to do something…and you haven’t done it yet!

You might even have promised yourself that tomorrow/ next Monday / this month… you’ll do it and haven’t!

Or, like many others, you probably asked yourself: What do I want to do with my life?

and you're keep searching for an answer...         

Or, maybe you have this voice echoing in your head: I’m not good enough, smart enough, knowledgeable enough, skilled enough…

Or, I don't have enough money or time...    

Or, I can't afford it, I don't deserve it...      

Well, It's not your fault   

Let me tell you; it is not your fault; we tend to self-sabotage.

Because we were pre-programmed to be like that, our default was programmed to keep us safe in our comfort zone.

The problem with that is, that not progressing means mental death. 

We think stretching our limits will stress us and cause anxiety, but staying numb stresses us even more and causes more intense anxiety.

It is an illusion to believe that if I stay safe, I won’t experience anxiety.

Imagine a baby staying at his mommy’s tummy just because going out is too tight and narrow, and they might feel anxiety pushing out and coming out.

If that was what you thought back then, you might have never been born, my dear.

And for the longest time, I was trapped in that illusion.

How long will we stay in our so-called comfort zone?

How long will we self sabotage ourselves to the point that it is unbearable anymore?

How long will we bear it before we tap into our soul desires and shine our unique spark on the world?

How long before we stop feeling not enough or guilty for charging money for our mission-driven service?

How long will we carry unwarranted anger, sadness, hurt, limiting beliefs, internal conflicts before we finally let them go through a deep and profound breakthrough once and for all?

You might walk non-stop claiming I’m enough, but if you don’t experience the profound breakthrough from within – “Good luck” with that.

Let’s admit it: it’s our time to unscrew our brain and mind so we can fully express our divine soul desires.

So let’s tap into your inner divine soul, unpeel all the blinds that hide it, so you can be fully inspired, doing what you’re most passionate about, get paid, and be blessed for serving your purpose and mission.❣️

Dear Friend,

Naomi Bareket

Life has programmed us to stay comfy, fear to dare, have guilt, shame, and compromise!

But, this can be changed, your life can change FOREVER!! Life is awaiting beyond the corner…

I remember how numb I felt...

I didn’t feel or want to get out of bed…

Although I had a great career as chief of marketing, meeting companies such as Warren Buffet, etc.… deep inside, I felt emptiness.

I knew I had to tap into my soul and see what I could do to bring the spark back into my life.

So I went to many trainings, and only the deep breakthrough techniques resolved my deeper internal conflicts, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging, procrastination…and so much more.

Finally, I felt the spark again.

The layers that hid my soul desires, finally released.

And finally revealed my soul purpose and spark.

I remember, at one of the NLP trainings, I went through a deep and profound shift and a release. I also remember how pissed off I felt because no one had previously told me nor revealed these breakthrough techniques.

At that moment, I was determined to get the highest training to train and certify as many people as possible, helping them release their suffering and inner struggle.

I had to learn with various trainers to form my unique training approach that brings in compassion and empathy. I studied with multiple trainers and created my unique method of training that conveys compassion and empathy.

I realized that intensive training without practicing it to the fullest wouldn’t give my students the mastery and the confidence to perform the breakthrough techniques on their clients.

Therefore, I give in-depth training and extended practices so you, too, can help shift deeply and profoundly your client’s lives as well as yours.

And let me tell you, what a joy it is for me to see my students help others, get highly paid, and clients thanking them for changing their life.

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Let me share a bit about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), how it can help you and why it is essential to master.

NLP is about expanding the area of the possible, the science of personal growth and business success, and we look for it in everything we do!

These skills can be learned by anyone who wants to improve their effectiveness, both personally and professionally.

NLP is an excellent approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy.

NLP focuses on the HOW (the process) rather than the WHAT (the content). How we communicate and interact with ourselves and others, how we think and process the information we get from outside, and what we do with it inside our heads.

NLP Coaching is the most innovative development in the field of improving human performance.

It is not a theoretical service. It is efficient, and therefore it requires practice under the direct supervision of a qualified trainer.

NLP provides us tools to identify patterns and strategies, understand them, and, if needed to change them. This is very beneficial in life: career, family, relationships, health, etc.

Learning NLP can help you get rid of your limiting beliefs, build your self-esteem, find your spark, your purpose, unlock your full potential, reach your goals, and gain a profession enabling you to get paid by assisting others with what you’ve learned.

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Mastering NLP can be the difference between success and failure, love and hate, bitterness and happiness.

NLP can rescue a crumbling relationship, boost your career and reach financial freedom and fulfillment.

NLP will help you find answers to the important questions you probably have:

  • What do you really want in life? Let go of the past and what you don’t want.

  • How do you eliminate the limiting beliefs, barriers, and conflicts that prevent you from getting there?

  • How do you take charge of your life outcome and really make what you want to happen?

Answers to these questions are not simple to define, but this is where NLP becomes extremely useful: through common sense, direct applications to performance, business, education, family, relationships, and community.

Our program will help you arrive at all the empowering answers.

NLP coaching is about training the mind to examine your life and what you want for it from a totally different perspective.

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NLP Practitioner Coach Certification Training is...

Designed for the new high standard in human communication, understanding, and helping people, it simply works!

Whether for personal or professional reasons, this training provides you with a series of skills, techniques, and strategies for success and how to create value in life.

During the training, we address challenges in business, communication, relationships, family, and many more to be solved, which in turn leads to more significant personal growth.

Since it is process-based (not content), the skills you learn here can be used to improve your abilities professionally and socially.

In our NLP Practitioner training, participants come from different backgrounds and levels of expertise.

They all find great use of what they learn here and improve their abilities in their areas of expertise. Our graduates become masterful at working with others to produce positive change.

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WHY WITH US?                 

There are two kinds of NLP training: those you and say, “what great information,” vs. those you EXPERIENCE so profoundly that your life is positively changed forever!

Which one do you choose?

Our NLP training is designed to allow you to identify and remove life’s roadblocks.

The idea is that positive energy in our body will flow smoothly without hindrance and empower us to use our potential and finally reach self-fulfillment fully.

The world is a cynical place, but NLP has a simple yet essential secret.

Through NLP training and coaching programs, you can become a person who thinks differently and knows precisely what they want from their lives.

NLP practitioners and coaches are very clear on the three questions:

  • What specifically do YOU want for yourself?

  • Do you believe you can achieve it?

  • And if not, what do you need to change to get there, and how can you do that?

And this is where NLP Training programs can help. You can use them to create new ways for yourself and other people to:

  • Stand out and be successful.

  • Develop NLP-based strategies and behaviors to change what you’re doing so it becomes satisfying and produces results.

  • Create or revive your relationships; make them really meaningful.

  • Expand your ability to increase your prosperity.

  • Live life knowing that you have a clear direction and control over it.

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Let's find out what our students are saying:

"Thank you so much Naomi. The process was truly AMAZING! I had no idea I was holding on to all that. 

Thank you for such a great supportive group that allows such vulnerability and tears, as needed."

Rachel Brott

Hospice Chaplain

"It was amazing! I feel so much lighter and integrated in my mind! The nagging thoughts that used to second guess my conscious wishes have quieted down!

I even was able to secure my first $3,000 career breakthrough coaching client, WAHOO!!!"

Shanelle Roberts

Award-winning UX designer

"Thank you so much!, It was an awesome experience! Blessing on you!

I feel so joyful! You showed so much acumen (skill and accuracy) just moving into the process with me. I felt like I moved to a spot or a place in my life that I experienced powerful change!!!"

Max Stager

Licensed Professional Counselor

You too, can post your testimonial here

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If you're still wondering: Is this for me?

Then let me ask you this...

  • Are you wishing to grow, become more successful and improve your life?

  • Are you a coach, consultant, or service provider, or want to become one?

  • Are you a business leader, HR professional, salesperson, manager, or educator seeking to improve your communication skills?

  • Are you a therapist who wishes to compliment your skills with NLP Techniques and Processes?

  • Or maybe you are an experienced NLP Practitioner who wishes to revise and refine your NLP skills?

  • If you answered YES to any of the questions, then this is DEFINITELY for you!

    Let's Talk, Book Your Complementary Discovery Call

    Join our NLP practitioner coaching because enough is enough 

    • Enough of feeling not enough

    • Enough with feeling, not deserving get paid for your service

    • Enough of self-sabotaging

    • Enough of procrastination

    • Enough of not progressing out of fear of stage, fear of doing videos, fear of public speaking….

    • Enough of the numbness

    • Enough of feeling like a loser

    • Enough of not able to bring clients to take action….

    • Enough of not believing you can ….

    • Enough of believing you can’t make money…

    • Enough with the belief that you are not eloquent …

    • Enough with ….(you fill in the blank)

    Because Enough is Enough!!!

    You, too, deserve to live life to the fullest.

    • It’s your time to shine your light too.

    • It’s your time to monetize your passion.

    • It’s your time to release the devil voices, feel the breakthrough, and master tools that are life-changing and can help your clients too.

    And if not now, when? And if not you, who?

    Our NLP Coaching Certification Program is the most profoundly innovative development we’ve seen in a long time in the field of improving human performance.

    Our NLP training can help you consistently put your drive and motivation into action, reach your goals and objectives, and assist and help others with what you learned.

    4 Months NLP Practitioner Coach Certification Training

    Here's Everything That You Get

    (Plus Extra Bonuses)

    • NLP Practitioner Coach Training Course Material (value at $997)

    • 40 Hours of Live Virtual Training (value at $9,997)

    • 12 Months Primum Support (Value at $ $9,997)

    • Certification recognized worldwide by all major NLP institutes and associations (PRICLESS!!!)

    • Like Minded Community that Support and Keep You Accountable 

    • Bonus #1: Lifetime Access to the NLP Practitioner Coach Live Training & Practicing (Value at $19,997)

    • Bonus #2: Lifetime Access to All Training Videos (Value at $14,997)

    • Bonus #3: NLP Goal Setting Live Virtual Workshop (Value at $997)

    Total Value Including Bonuses $65,982

    Your Investment is Only $5,997

    Let's Talk, Book Your Complementary Discovery Call
  • Your Investment is Protected by Our “14 Day Money Back” Guarantee:

    In 14 days, show us that you did all your work, you did all your homework, and you posted them in the group and watched all the videos, and yet you find that this program is not over-delivering, we’ll give your money back.

    Be confident that this interactive program is worth a lot more than you invest!

    By the end of the 4 months NLP Certification Program, you’ll surely be on the right path for success.

    So as you can see there’s zero risk for you to join the NLP Certification Program because your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!



    Today, NLP is widely used in business to improve management, sales and achievement/ performance, inter-personal skills; in education to better understand learning styles, develop rapport with students and parents, and aid in motivation; and of course, NLP is a profound set of tools for personal development. Regardless of the profession, most NLP participants search for better and more effective ways to increase their performance and improve their effectiveness.


    To qualify for certification, you must be in attendance for the full NLP Practitioner training. Upon completion of the training, students will be emailed a link with the NLP Certification Test, a 30-Step Action Plan, and certifying board information. Once the test and 30-Step Action Plan have been completed, they will need to be submitted directly to the certifying board, the NSYNLP, along with your certification fee of $150 USD.


    Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered 😊

    All our sessions are recorded and available to see and learn from them in your schedule. Everything included with the program is available for you, and you have access to go back and watch it repeatedly.


    Yes! We are committed to your transformation and success.

    This is why all our courses come with premium support, not only that we are here for you and available to answer your quetions.

    Our premium support will make sure you don’t miss a thing; you understand it all and are implementing it.

    When joining our FB group, you’ll also become part of our growing, loving, and supportive community.

    Let's Recap Everything That You Get Today! 

    4 Months NLP Practitioner Coach Certification Training

    • NLP Practitioner Coach Training Course Material (value at $997)

    • 40 Hours of Live Virtual Training (value at $9,997)

    • 12 Months Primum Support (Value at $ $9,997)

    • Certification recognized worldwide by all major NLP institutes and associations (PRICLESS!!!)

    • Like Minded Community that Support and Keep You Accountable 

    • Bonus #1: Lifetime Access to the NLP Practitioner Coach Live Training & Practicing (Value at $19,997)

    • Bonus #2: Lifetime Access to All Training Videos (Value at $14,997)

    • Bonus #3: NLP Goal Setting Live Virtual Workshop (Value at $997)

    Total Value Including Bonuses $65,982

    Your Investment is Only $5,997

    Let's Talk, Book Your Complementary Discovery Call