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You might feel frustrated seeing others get paid while you don't , though you have better product, better service, and better experience

You might be putting video off because it might been seem intimidating or you’re not sure exactly how to show up and connect the heads and the hearts of your perfect clients


Deep in your heart and soul, you know that you have greatness within you

We’ve been there ourselves struggling, without a proven system, without being sure what to do first, what should we say, and how to say it, so people will want to watch, listen and connect.

We know what it feels like, and how the doubts and lack of confidence might kick in every time when trying to write and make a video for your business.

Through try and error and within the years, we were able to create this proven system that is easy to follow and get excellent results over and over!

It's your time to be compensated for the natural gifts of your genius

It’s your time your voice is heard with videos that convert

It's your time to become the expert that clients love to pay to


It's your time to become the expert that clients love to pay to❣️

  • Fast Results

  • You'll be revealed, discovered and shown u with your unique influence to the fullest, so you'll be confidently on your way to fulfillment, and the financial freedom that your heart desires.
  • Marketing Strategy

  •  Awesome video scripts that instantly resonate with your audience like no one else in your market. Unique emotional marketing that attract, engage and convert your ideal customers at every stage of the buying cycle.
  • Converting Videos

  • Done With You - 7 Client Attracting Video Series with the ease of just using your smartphone or laptop, without wasting time and money on stuff that doesn't work. You’re never gonna feel like you need to hide from the camera ever again.
    Here’s How To Get Started
    We'd like you to invite you jump on a quick Discovery Call, free of charge.
    We’ll discuss your passion, your goals, your plans, and whether we seem like a good fit to work together.
    By the end of the call, we’ll know exactly what you need to monetize your passion and to peruse your dreams...
    And YOU’LL know whether or not you’d like to move forward with our 7vidMagnet program... or our VIP coaching program...
    Sounds fair?
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    "No one is going to care for you like these two. I felt scared of being on video, and I wasn’t sure that I could do this. I wanted it so bad. I still signed up, and when my fear gremlins were trying to stop me from going ahead with the program, and I was about to stop up myself, Naomi and Rami jumped in, and they gave me so many ideas, they knew me, understood me, they brainstormed with me. They helped me feel back into my purpose, and the rest became easy. Naomi adopts her clients, and they become part of her family. Rami’s knowledge of filming and creating a video was impressive."

    Danielle Sarah Storch,

    Founder of FiT Yoga

    "The content in this program, newly-acquired skill sets, and expertise that we've acquired are truly amazing. This is from the person who had never done an online video before. Naomi and Rami are particularly skilled at keeping us participants fully engaged in the processes of learning, implementing, and providing a mutually-supportive community. Their presence, support, and connection throughout the course were timely, intentional, and consistently of the highest caliber."

    Ellen Hill,

    Founder of Silver Lotus Wellness

    Introducing The 7vidMagnet Program

    Easy, Fast & Fun

    7 awesome videos within 8 weeks that let your spark shine, build your authority, and influence your way to affluence

    Revolutionary Marketing

    3 simple phases that will make ALL the difference for you, your business, and the lives you will change

    Premium Support

    We have poured our hearts into designing and creating a unique interactive DONE WITH YOU experience

    Together, We'll Create Your


    Visibility - so you develop a brand presence that they can easily recognize every time they see your post, your Ads, and your videos


    Credibility - so you win the belief not just in their minds but in the hearts of your ideal clients that their life can change


    Deliverability - so your ideal clients quickly make up their MIND, and you convert more sales through your offers

    Each module specifically designed to help you to maximize your results in every step of the way, and we’ll be there to guide you, support you and hold your hand so that you can finally have things done❣️

    Interactive result oriented program. Including live training, hot seats, Q&A calls, VIP 1x1 coaching, all recorded and available for you to watch over and over at your convenience with premium support all along the way❣️

    Simple to use templates, frameworks, worksheets, and PDFs toolkits especially designed to ease your way so that you can easily follow the structure and able to implement it in your business fast❣️

    By the of these 3 phases, you’ll be

    Totally Confident

    Get Unstuck, Find Clarity, and Authentically Connect to Your Perfect Ideal Clients so You Can Attract True Fans, Followers and Create Abundant Community

    Captivating & Engaging

    Building Your Online Presence, Revealed, Discovered and shown Up With Your Unique Influence to the Fullest, so You Can Finally Jumpstart Your Business

    Go-To Expert

    Video Expert, Building Unstoppable Momentum in Your Business AND Confidently on Your Way to Fulfillment, and the Financial Freedom that Your Heart Desires


    Creating awesome videos with the ease of just using your smartphone or laptop, and how valuable it is for your business

    During and after the program, you will:

  • Be fueled and super motivated as you monetize your passion and create your dream business

  • Be aligned with your vision, mission, and purpose in your personal life and in your business business

  • Building your confidence, virtual presence, and maximizing your online influence 

  • more than you’ve ever done before

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    Inside The Program


    The Deep See Method™

    • Discover the fastest and easiest way to turn what you love doing, your passion, and expertise into a profitable mission driven business.

    • Get clarity of who you are and want. Having clarity will enable you to move forward in one way or the other. Clarity enables you not to be stuck anymore. Clarity is so important, and once you find it, navigating your life and business becomes more manageable, and it is going to serve your higher purpose and mission

    • Get to know your Perfect Ideal Clients (PIC) and intimately understand them; their fears, their aspirations, and what they are thinking and needing so you can establish a strong relationship with them 

    By the end of phase ONE you'll:

    FINALLY Get Unstuck, Find Clarity, Discover and Connect to What Really Motivates You 

    Know the New Way to Monetize Your Passion and Scale Your Mission Driven Business

    know who you’re talking to, who you’re creating all this content for, and who you are selling to.


      Module 1

      The A.W.E.S.O.M.E Video Method™

    • Write scripts using the A.W.E.S.O.M.E Method as a content building machine to create the most amazing content, in the least amount of time

    • Module 2

      Captivating Script Reading™

    • Master the strategy to make audiences instantly connect, like and trust you, so that you’re better able to serve, influence, and move them into action

    • Module 3

      SOUL Magnet Headlines™

    • Master the method to write Headlines that will Hook, Connect, and Convert your viewers into customers! 

    By the end of phase TWO you'll:

    Create Highly Engaging Content that Will Keep Your Audience Hooked, Interested and See You As the Go-To Expert in Your Market  

    Connect With the Audience in a Way that Each Can Learn According to Their Own Learning Style and Get Your Message

    Confidently Speak to Your Audience in a Way that Evokes Emotions, Engage and Convert Them Into Customers


      Module 1

      Shoot Videos with Ease™

    • We’ll reveal the secrets of our simple, low-cost, low-tech & easy to implement video shooting method 

    • Module 2

      Edit Videos with Ease™

    • You’ll acquire the tools and techniques to edit your videos the easy way and You’ll get a laser coaching with Rami on editing your videos, so that you won’t be doing it by yourself

    • Module 3

      ERM-Method™ - Marketing Strategies

    • Unique Emotional Response Marketing that attract, engage and convert your ideal customers at every stage of the buying cycle! 

    By the end of phase THREE you'll:

    Shift From Feeling Awkward to Appearing Calm, Natural and Confident on Camera so You Can Show Up As a Star in Your Videos

    Create Captivating Videos that Stand You Out From Your Competitors and Place You in the Top 1% in Your Niche

    Have a Unique Strategy to Organically Reach Way More Prospects and Set the Foundation to a Virtual Influencing Platform

    "The 7vidMagnet Program

    is the Future of Video Communication & Marketing"

    What Students Say


    "Naomi and Rami are a force of nature. They provide 24-hour accessibility with personalized support and intense instruction with incredible value-added resources and knowledge"

    Helen and Phil Konrick

    Founders of Tikkun HaBriet

    "Thank you, I did it; anyone I have sent the 7 video magnet to loved it. The contribution of this program helped me for the first time in my life to bounce back to life"

    Adi Yahav Brito

    Founder of Elderly

    Advocate Soul Care

    "The Barekets' has such a beautiful way of expressing themselves, and sharing their wisdom so that people become empowered, grow and become a better version of themselves"

    Tami Warshawsky

    Marketing & Communication Expert

    "yes! I Just want to thank you for putting this FANTASTIC program. This is a chance that everybody has to give to themselves, the chance to live the life of your dreams" 

    Azita Alavi

    Youth Communication Expert

    "I’m at the end of this AMAZING program. The VISCERAL effect Naomi & Rami brings into the experience enable me to UNBLOCK my ENERGY and get to the next level of EXCELLENCE"

    Kaustav Chaudhuri

     Author, Speaker& Advisor

    "The training Naomi & Rami provided in this program was immediately useful, endlessly FASCINATING and improved my life in ways I could not imagine"

    Declan Spring 


    Within the 8 weeks together in the 7vidMagnet™ Program,

    we will build your confidence on camera and your virtual presence

    so that you can carry a unique voice, style, and message,

    so that people will know you, trust you, and like you,

     so that they recognize you as an expert in your field and buy from you faster than ever before


    Imagine the pleasure of how proud, content, and fulfilled you feel when:

  • You are having these amazing, captivating videos professionally polished and designed.

  • You are seen as an authority, a top 1% expert in your niche. 

  • Your perfect ideal client asks for your help and buys from you without hesitation.

  • You are part of a supporting community of like-minded peers.

  • And...

    Imagine all the things you can further do with the content we created together

    Creating Your


    Creating Amazing

    Lead Magnets

    Landing Your

    Speaking Engagements

    Content for Your

    Events & Seminar


    Your Book 


    Your Blogs 

    Your YouTube


    Yearly Content for

    Your Social Media

    The list of reasons to do the 7vidMagnet™ program for goes on and on

    To be frank, our real number 1 reason should have read something like “because it works!", and today even ever before it is one of the best ways to get awareness, paid ideal clients, and build a community.

    • How much more expensive will it be for you to pay for video shooting and editing services for your videos?

    • How much more is it worth you to get new leads of customers who want to buy from you just by watching your videos?

    • How much more is it worth becoming a distinct brand that can get highly paying customers fast and consistently?

    • How important is it to you to be seen as a trusted, likable authority in your market and paid as you really worth to?

    • How important is it for you to do something aligned with your values and soul purpose, shine your spark, and spread your message to inspire more souls?

    This Program Is For You If You Want To…

    • Make videos that are captivatingengaging, and shareable even if you have never created videos before

    • Overcome the fear of being in front of the camera and the feel of been awkward or silly on camera even if you thought it's impossible

    • Produce consistent, high-quality content without being a content creator expert and spending a ton of time

    • Bring your products or service to life and attract high paid customers without being salesy

    • Master an easy framework for creating converting videos and leverage your business without being tech-savvy

    Here’s What to Do Next

    The next step is for you to schedule your free Discovery Call

    If I feel what what we offer is a game-changing to you, and you feel we’re a good fit… we can move forward with our 7vidMagnet program... or our VIP coaching program

    And if not, we can go our separate ways without any wasted money on your end.


    I'm Ready to Enroll Now




    I’m kind of new to the online world. Will this work for me?

    The fact that you are reading these lines means that you have a burning desire, a passion that you want to pursue, and you know deep inside that you have greatness within you, and you meant for much more. In the Virtually Influencing program, we will walk you step-by-step through the process of peeling all the shells that prevent your inner spark from shining. By the end of the program, you’ll feel excited and confident to bring your unique message to the world.

    What if I never did videos before?

    You are in the perfect place at the right time. This is why we put this program together, to help people like you gain confidence, and handle with ease any aspect of building online presence and confidence. Throughout the program, using advanced Neuroscience techniques, we will remove any blockage that stops you from creating videos. We will deal with your internal, external, and tech fears and limiting beliefs in a way that will free you to express yourself and spread your message.

    How is this program different from other courses and products out there?

    While there are few courses out there who aim to deal with online confidence and fear of video, most of them are “just ok.” Some cover only partial aspects of what is needed, and some cover other parts, but there is not even one course or program out there that covers the subject inside out as the 7vidMagnet Program. More than most of the courses out there loads you with tons of information and PDF’s, letting you deal with it by yourself! We’ve been there, and promised ourselves that we would never do it to our students. This is why our programs are “Done With You” programs; YES, we take you by the hand every step of the way.

    What if I don’t have time and can't attend all the sessions?

    You have nothing to worry about,

    All our sessions are recorded and available to see and learn from them at your schedule. Everything included with the program, is available for you, and you have access to go back and watch it over and over.

    Will you be available to answer questions if I get stuck?

    Yes! We are committed to your transformation and success. This is why all our courses come with premium support. Not only that we are here for you and available to answer your questions. When joining our FB group, you’ll also become part of our growing loving and supporting community.

    We are also going live twice a week with live coaching and Q & A sessions, so you’ll be covered all the time.

    How Much Time Will This Take?

    7vidMagnet™Is an eighteen-week Interactive program strategically designed to get you amazing results in the fastest time possible. With that being said, We designed the program to bring you maximum results and satisfaction. Our modules are in-depth transformational modules without shortcuts, making sure to cover every corner needed. These eight weeks together will give you freedom for life and save you years of wasted time.

    Who is this program is for?

    This program is for coaches, consultants, service providers, those who want to become one, and anyone who wants to build an online business.

    Throughout the 7vidMagnet Program, you’ll get clarity on vision, mission and purpose, so you can show up online with confidence, and build up your online presence no matter what kind of business you have or want to have.

    I’ve been doing videos for years; can this program teach me something new?

    This program is about removing the fears and the self-sabotaging patterns that hold you back. So, maybe you are familiar with shooting videos, but your lack of confidence prevents you from getting the results that you wished to get. Perhaps, your communication skills are not at the level that enables you to establish an instant rapport with your audience. Maybe your videos are not engaging and captivating, so your audience doesn’t watch them till the end. If any of this is true, then this program is definitely for you.

    What if I’m not technical?

    No worries, we love simple things. By the end of the 7vidMagnet™ Program, you’ll laugh at the times you were afraid of tech. We’ll make sure that everything is clear and easy. 7vidMagnet™ Program is the simplest way for non-video people to look & feel great on video and social platforms!

    What if the 7vidMagnet™ Program isn’t for me? Do you offer a refund?

    We believe that the day you were born is the day God decided that the world cannot exist without you. You have a unique purpose, and we are on a mission to help you pursue it.

    In 14 days, show us that you did all your work, you did all your homework, you posted them in the group, watched all the videos, and if you find this program is not over-delivering, we’ll be glad to give your money back.

    Be sure that this interactive program is worth a lot more than you invest. We are so confident that once you experience our content's quality and our premium support, you will be a fan for life!

    A Little Bit About Us

    Dear Friend, 

    Over our 30 years of entrepreneurship experience we developed the revolutionary ER-Marketing™ Method (Emotional Response Marketing). 

    It's the result of many years of interdisciplinary study, experience, and Implementing NLP (Neuro- Linguistics-Programming), Psychology in Sales, Persuasive Copywriting Techniques, and Transformational Strategies with the best business growth tools to develop an easy to follow framework that that will make ALL the difference for you, your business and the lives you will change.

    Naomi & Rami Bareket


    The secret to achieving this success is simple, and we are taking you by the hand, which is a huge opportunity for if you act now and establish your position as the leader in your niche.

    During your 8 weeks' experience...

    • All Lessons are LIVE and interactive with you. You get to implement "on the go" so that you can progress fast.

    • ALL Lessons are recorded and available for you so that you'll be able to follow along and learn at your own pace

      No matter how you like to learn, we have you covered.

    • you'll learn our proven step-by-step system to build you online presence and consisting revenue in your business.

    Your Investment is Protected by Our

    “14 day Money Back” Guarantee:

    In 14 days show us that you did all your work, you did all your homework and you posted them in the group and watched all the videos and we will be happy to refund if you find this program is not over delivering, we’ll be happy to give your money back

    Be confident that this interactive program is worth a lot more than you invest!

    By the end of the 18 weeks 7vidMagnet™ Program, you’ll create a "done-with" 7 videos serial  to nail your message.

    So as you can see there’s zero risk for you to join the 7vidMagnet™ Program because your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!


  • The Complete 7vidMagnet ™ Course (Valued at $4,997)

  • 8 Live Video Laser Coaching Calls With Naomi & Rami (Valued at $4,997)

  • 8 Comprehensive Live Q & A Calls With Naomi & Rami (valued at $3,997)

  • Valuable resources that will save you a ton of money and time (valued at $1,997)

  • Elite Private Group for Inspiration, Knowledge and support (PRICELESS)

  • BONUS 1: Three Live 90 min 1-on-1 Strategy Calls With Naomi (valued at $4,997)

  • BONUS 2: Eight Weeks One X One Premium Support 

    [INCLUDING TECH SUPPORT] (valued at $9,997)

  • BONUS 3: One video is professionally edited for you!

     (valued at $2,997)

  • Total Value of the 7vidMagnet Done With You Program is $33,979

    You Can Start Today for ONLY $4,997

    Or 6 monthly payments of $997

    Spaces are Limited  

    I'm Ready to Enroll Now



    FTC DISCLAIMER: These results may not be typical and can’t be taken in any way as a guarantee of the results you would receive since your success depends on the quality of your offers and marketing. We don’t offer to get rich quick solutions, and we can’t guarantee your success – only you can do that, through your commitment, hard work, consciousness, and dedication. We will give our 100% support, and you will have to give your 100% too.