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FREE 5-Part Series - Breakthrough Your Video Limitations

How to Engage, Captivate, and Get Your Message Across Through Videos, Zoom Meetings and Live Streaming, So That You Can Easily Attract Ideal Clients and Get Way More Sales!!!


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You are here because you understand how powerful videos are for boosting your online presence, influence and business growth!

Now, the #1 reason we were able to make our dreams a reality is because we did NOT LET THE DOUBTS AND FEARS replace our own DREAMS!🚀

You see….our minds are built to focus on the negative.

The more of these negative thoughts and emotions we allow in, the more they band together....and will scream at you louder than your dream, standing against what you are uniquely here to do.😞

It’s up to you to retrain your focus and actively, fiercely even, CHOOSE what you let it.

Because what you allow in is what will become your Life.


We know it, we felt it, we experienced it.

And courage is nothing without actions.🎯

In this FREE 5-part series online training, we’ll do some easy and fun NLP breakthrough exercises, so that you can:

Breakthrough The 3 Internal Barrier Layers That Are Blocking You From Making Videos

Break the internal barrier preventing you from creating videos and take advantage of the most powerful tool to spread your message❣️

Change The Limiting Picture In Your Subconscious Mind With An Empowering Picture

Eliminate what holds you from showing your expertise, so that you can shine your light and influence and impact way more people ❣️

Reveal The Secret to Showing Up With Confidence On Video That Is Taking The Industry By Storm!

Get confidence back and reveal your star superpowers, so that you can monetize your passion and build a successful online coaching business❣️

About Your Host

Hi, we're Naomi and Rami!

A husband and Wife💖

Through our 30 years of entrepreneurship experience we developed the ERM-Method™ (Emotional Response Marketing).

As NLP Trainers (Coaching and certifying NLP Practitioner and Master levels), we installed psychology in sales techniques, persuasive copywriting techniques, and transformational strategies with the best business(MBA) growth tools to develop an easy-to-follow framework that will make ALL the difference for you, your business, and the lives you will change.

What People Say About Our 5-Part Series Training

Naomi & Rami; You are exactly what God has planned for my next level of Growth

Dr. Suzanne Amini, Relationship Coach

It's nothing to compare to. It's high above and beyond.

Max Stager, Therapist

I jump on to every opportunity to attend this webinar. This consists of actionable no fluff content that I can apply instantly in my business.

Lonnetta Albright, John Maxwell executive Director

This boot camp has been life changing, and I don't say that often this has really, really changed a lot of my thinking about myself.

Shanelle Roberts, Career Confidence Expert

These breakthrough techniques absolutely changed my life. 

Naomi Jones, Consulate's Unlimited Inc

It's not like any other training I took. Naomi and Rami really hold your hand each step of your journey to make sure that you too can shine your unique light.

Caroline Klemens, Weight Care Specialist

I took this break through boot camp and I experienced an amazing transformational shift. Naomi and Remy are awesome and their expertise is absolutely incredible.

This 5-Part Series Training Is A Life Changing Event!

Secure your seat right now so that you get a chance to attend 5-Part Series Training. If you are seeing this page, that means the registrations are still open. We will take this page down once we are full.


FTC DISCLAIMER: These results may not be typical and can’t be taken in any way as a guarantee of the results you would receive since your success depends on the quality of your offers and marketing. We don’t offer to get rich quick solutions, and we can’t guarantee your success – only you can do that, through your commitment, hard work, consciousness, and dedication. We will give our 100% support, and you will have to give your 100% too.